Get OPD, Indoor and Pharmacy at unbelievable yearly price starting from

₹ 6,000/-   


✓  Appointments and Patients Auto-Queuing

✓  Clinical Notes, Diagnosis, Vaccination, etc.

✓  Prescription in Multiple Languages

✓  Medicine Dosage Auto-calculation

✓  Billing, Reports, Letter, Staff Messaging and more…

₹ 6,000

annually + GST


✓  Manage Indoor Patients

✓  Manage rooms, beds, MRD, Digital Files

✓  Cashless Insurance

✓  Order Sheet, Discharge Summary

✓  Invoice and Billing, Reports and much more …

₹ 25,000 +GST

AMC: ₹ 5,000


✓  Our creatively done module for easy and accurately allocating fees to respective Drs. for both OPD consultations and Indoor fees

✓  Account staff access for this task

✓  Admin staff access for checking and validation

✓  Report generation for Drs to be sent by email to respective Drs 

✓  Drs can also have a check at their distribution through rec access

₹ 25,000 +GST

AMC: ₹ 5,000

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Get a hassel-free self-managed website and branded patient app for your hospital 

Self-Managed Website & Your Branded Patient App

✓  Your branding, logo and domain

✓  Increased brand credibility

✓  Product Customization

✓  Get stronger patient loyalty

One-time setup



AMC: ₹ 5,000