✓  Appointments and Patients Auto-Queuing

✓  Clinical Notes, Diagnosis, Vaccination, etc.

✓  Prescription in Multiple Languages

✓  Medicine Dosage Auto-calculation

✓  OPD Billing, Reports, Letter, Staff Messaging and much more…

✓  Multi-Doctor: ₹3,000/year/doctor
✓  Multi-Clinic Location or Different Speciality


(Max: 2 Doctors)


✓  Everything in OPD

✓  Manage rooms, beds, MRD, Digital Files

✓  Cashless, Order Sheet, Discharge Summary

✓  Invoice and Billing, Reports



✓  Inventory Management

✓  Add Buying and Selling Prices

✓  Sales Billing

✓  Profit Calculation 


White Label

✓  Your branding, logo and domain

✓  Increased brand credibility

✓  Product Customization

✓  Get stronger patient loyalty

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