Our Clear simple pricing
Pay As You Go

Only pay for the services you use No other charges Or monthly commitment


Mypracteaz pricing is very simple and easily understandable.

No hidden charges – no upfront charges – no monthly or yearly commitment.

Free trial : Pay As You Go charges
Try all our features till free credits.Monthly active OPD user – 1 Re
Free credits of 250 RsMonthly active IPD user – 25 Re
Monthly active FAM user – Rs 2 for OPD & Rs 25 for IPD
Storage space till 500 mbMonthly charges of 150 per GB above 500 mb
Validity 3 monthsNo expiry

What is Monthly Active Users?

Monthly Active User (MAU) is a key performance indicator (KPI) to be used by mypracteaz for billing. For our software the patient is the monthly active user.

MAU represents the unique monthly active Patient user for a monthly billing cycle.

MAU is counted when a doctor /staff user connects to mypracteaz server for a particular patient user within a monthly billing cycle.

To further clarify, it will be only counted as one active user when the doctor/staff connects to the mypracteaz server multiple times during the monthly billing cycle for accessing the patient data.

How will you be billed ?

  • For using the complete Mypracteaz OPD module :
    • Assume that your application in this month has 300 Monthly active users.
    • 300 X 1 = 300 Rs
    • So monthly 300 Rs will be charged to you for complete usage of OPD module.
  • For using the complete Mypracteaz IPD module :
    • Assume that your application has in this month has 20 Monthly active users IPD
    • 20 X Rs 25 = 500 Rs
    • So monthly 500 Rs will be charged to you for complete usage of IPD module in that month.
  • For using the complete Fee allocation Module (FAM)
    • Assume that your application in the current month – allocated fees to doctors for 300 OPD patients & 20 IPD patients :
    • The charges will be 1 X 300 = 300 & 25 X 20 = 500 so total of 800 Rs

Billing Cycle :

Your account will be billed at the Pay-As-You-Go rates for the above resources.

Usage charges start from the billing date and consist of charges for the above resources consumed in a calendar month.

The subscriber will have to keep credit above the expected billed amount in month.

What happens if my usage exceed the limits of the FREE plan or credits in PayAgo plan?

  • We usually do not throttle your app immediately, unless in extreme situations.
  • We will send you an email and also inform your backend using webhook when your app usage exceeds 50% and 75% of the free limits in the free plan OR 50% and 75% of available credits in PAYG plan.
  • We will throttle or temporarily disable your app only if you do not take any action after these notifications.

Where can I have a birds-eye view of this ?

  • You can view your live usage in mypracteaz accounts console.
  • And pay from there itself for credits.

What if I want to shift to the upfront pay plan ?

  • Our Account console has a link button to change to the upfront payment
  • When you want to shift to upfront payment you have choices:
    • For OPD and OPD+IPD
    • For 1/3/5 years Validity
    • Multiple doctors
    • Multiple clinics / branches
    • Selecting them after proper planning and paying the required amount shifts the plan to upfront payment
    • On paying the required amount the plan changes to upfront plan and the account details will be reflected on the top
  • Please beware you cannot revert to pay-as you go plan again, after paying upfront fees for the particular validity period. Only after completing the validity period you will have option of shifting to the pay as you go plan